Sunday, August 22, 2010

dreaming in swedish

it's that time of year again. actually, it's those times of year again. back to school, leaving a job,
moving. apparently, i've been following the dr. arnett guide to being a twenty-something as i have moved 8 times in the last 7 years (1 x per year each year in college, back home, to japan, back home, to richmond and the upcoming move will make #9) and had 5 jobs in the last 7 years (albiet i was a student for 4 of those 7).

anyhow, the next few posts will be about one of those transitions in particular - moving.

  • one empty apartment in the fan
  • two 20 somethings
  • hand me down furniture from friends and family
shake vigorously for the month of september in which we will be packing up 2 places and converging on the one.

because i have not actually begun the moving process yet (i.e. i have two empty boxes in the back of my car and am terrified of taking my target desk apart for fear of never getting it back together again), for now the focus is on the anticipation.

the apt. is in an old single family home in the fan, one that has been split into 3 separate apartments. even though the reality of decorating possibilities is limited by what stuff people are willing to give us and by shallow grad school pockets, let's take a quick moment to fantasize about the possibilities:

apartment therapy has been offering volumes of images of perfectly coiffed decors, providing page after page of inspiration (and more often, crushed dreams, as one such as myself realizes that she'd have to forgo paying tuition to make rooms look remotely as good as the ones in these pictures)

still, there are many instances in which we borrow from that which inspires us and transform it into our own. take a simple concept from a runway design or from the pages of a cookbook and use what you have to imitate. the same will have to suffice for us, seeing as we're not quite up to par with this munich loft or this sotheby's rental in portugal.

even when considering what i would do given unlimited funds, given a bigger place, and given the time to plan, i am stumped. how to combine all of the styles that appeal to me without making more boiled over sloppy stew than tactfully crafted melting pot?

after researching a number of styles, the squared edges and cool look of scandinavian decor is probably the most appealing to me. the designs are simple and modern, but often have a rustic, natural sensibility.

  • design*sponge has a great collection of scandinavian interiors, not to mention it's an all-around interesting blog with design guides to tons of major cities worldwide.

  • etsy blog the storque offers how-tos on putting together different danish-inspired collections.

  • emma's deisgn blog offers the swedish perspective and lots of eye candy from a range of different swedish styles (some lovely, some too avant garde for me)

not that i'd want my place to end up looking like the inside of the latest ikea catalog either. it's important to mix in elements from other styles, especially if those things that don't necessarily "match" hold meaning to you and have stories behind them.

in any case, it's all just stuff. stuff that we'll be putting in boxes and taping up and moving across town and unpacking and placing and one day repeating the process all over again.

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