Thursday, August 27, 2009

city of angels day 2

i rented a bicycle and rode 15 miles north along the coast from hermosa beach to santa monica pier. in spite of the heat, it was a beautiful ride. i've never done such a long bike ride before, but luckily i opted for the road-mountain hybrid rather than the beach cruiser, saving my butt from a lot of regret later on that day. passing through manhattan beach, el segundo, beside lax, through marina del rey, venice beach, and muscle beach, the ride offered some great sights and a pretty much constant view of the pacific.
i had a wonderful lunch at seed kitchen, a vegan/macrobiotic cafe in venice. they need to start opening chains on the east coast!
below is some venice beach graffiti.
went to a fancy italian dinner at la sosta (review here) with friends and then on to a charity event for a friend's avon breast cancer walk team. seems like they were able to do a lot of fundraising and it took place at a great venue in hermosa beach, saint rocke.

city of angels day 1

first full day in LA, figured i'd embrace my inner tourist and head to hollywood to see the stars (at least the ones on the sidewalk) and to beverly hills.

happened upon the hollywood bettie page clothing shop and on my way to 90210, i made a quick stop at high voltage tattoo, bascially because my chances of seeing anyone famous were growing slim as the day went on. bought the new t-shirt design, by american apparel.
also, hollywood officially has the best murals and vintage neon anywhere.

also headed to the los angeles county museum of art (LACMA) and saw their latest exhibition, "your bright future," featuring 12 artists from south korea. i was a little disapointed because i didn't see any lichtenstein (which i'm pretty sure they have in their collection), but i did get to see several great works by john baldessari.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

top o' the world ma!

went to mt. evans today, or as i like to call it, the lazy man's 14-er. it's the highest road in the continental u.s., and the road reaches 14,130 feet and you can walk to the summit at 14,264 feet.

on the way down from the summit, we happened to pass a few familiar faces. it was none other than the avett brothers band, who i saw in concert at the boulder theater on friday night. they were nice enough to stop for a picture...

speaking of the show, it was really great. considering that i don't usually listen to a lot of folky-indie, i was extremely impressed. they were much more rock at times than i expected and the mix of banjo, guitar, stand-up bass, drums (and foot drums!) and cello made for a really good show. the opening act was also really good, sally ford and the sound outside, from portland.

off to casa bonita tonight, made famous by the season 7 south park episode. i've heard it's disneyland meets bad mexican food.

Friday, August 21, 2009

boulder sights and sounds

off to downtown boulder, CO this afternoon for some window-shopping, dinner, and the avett brothers concert.

i'm hoping to make a stop at the boulder arts & crafts cooperative, a group of galleries featuring artists from around the rocky mountains region.

love these earrings by katie hintz and vivian jean's pretty prints (below).
later tonight, we're off to the avett brothers concert, a indie-folk-country group hailing from concord, north carolina. i had never heard of the band until my friends informed me we were going tonight, but being a fan of old crow medicine show, i figured as long as there was some mean banjo, fiddle, or honky-tonk piano, it wouldn't be too country for me.

i'm also hoping to check out the boulder dushanbe teahouse. apparently a sister city of boulder in india sent this magnificent building over to the u.s. piece by piece between 1987-1990, where it was reassembled and opened as a tea house. tea time anyone?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

COLA baby

so i'm off tomorrow bright and early for what i am now calling my "last great american adventure (for now)." "last" because i'm hoping that after this i'll get myself all settled in richmond with a job and preparing for school next year...i've done so much traveling in the last couple of years, it might be a while before i spend money on travel. "great" because who doesn't want to visit Boulder, CO or Los Angeles. "american" because duh.

i'm visiting some close friends in Boulder, CO and in LA, and i haven't been to either city before. i can't wait to be out in wide open spaces in CO and to finally get up close and personal with the rockies. and i'm looking forward to shooting Diana pics of beach boardwalks and hollywood and doing lots of super-touristy stuff in LA. hello grauman's, LACMA, and venice beach.

i also realized i haven't bought a bathing suit in 5 years and could not show up on an LA beach with a bad case of droopy-butt. but this suit will surely save the day...

see you in the mountains or on the west coast!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

ceremony: update!

after doing a more thorough search, i found this blog post explaining that the members of ceremony used to be in a band called skywave. i guess some of the members of skywave formed 2 new groups - ceremony and a place to bury strangers, who are equally creepy-low-fi-new wavy as ceremony and skywave.

who knew fredericksburg was the breeding ground for semi-tributes to new wave/goth founders like new order, bauhaus, and depeche mode? not i.


can anyone tell me more about the shoegaze/noise/new wave band ceremony?

the reason i'm asking is because after recently discovering them on myspace, i felt a weird connection to this group, whose music is pretty awesome, because they are from my college stomping grounds, fredericksburg VA and they're currently on tour in my more recent stomping grounds, japan.

i couldn't find an official web page for them and want to know more about their history. any clues? fill me in.

and don't forget to have a listen...

Friday, August 14, 2009

hang ten

i will unfortunately be out of town for one of hampton roads' best annual events, ECSC, the East Coast Surfing Championships. this year, the event runs from thursday august 27 through sunday, august 30 and brings some of the best surfers and extreme sports atheletes from around the world right here to virginia beach.

the music lineup for this year is a bit lacking, but it's always a good time to see the strange combination of frat boys, bodybuilders, military families, and teens who just walked out of a pacific sunwear catalog lined up on the boardwalk. the surfers have their work cut out for them, as virginia beach's surf can be a bit questionable. and by "questionable," i mean non-existant.

anyway, i wanted to bring up ECSC to highlight some local artists at The Artist's Gallery, an art coop in va beach. this year, they have a special exhibition entitled "rock 'n surf," corresponding with the ECSC dates. the exhibition is supporting two local charities - The Surfer's Healing Network and the Tidewater Autistic Society of America. The Surfer's Healing Network is particularly cool in that it promotes enriching the lives of autistic children through surfing.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

kool-aid mustaches

gus van sant + tom wolfe = much better than that 10 cent cup of colored sugar water you bought from the kid on the street corner

director gus van sant is adapting one of tom wolfe's best known works, "the electric kool-aid acid test" for the screen. i just watched van sant's "elephant" and was reminded of what a truly talented director he is. combine the rawness of van sant's signature style with the free-flowing tale of ken kesey and his gang of lsd-infused cross-country hijinx and the possibilities seem limitless.

until you hear about rumored casting choices. rolling stone did a piece on the film here: acid.
i have to say, if jack black ends up as kesey and scarlett johannson as caroline garcia, it's beyond van sant's power to do the story any justice.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Photos on Lomography

Photos on Lomography

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adventures in lomography

first set was a near fail because i had some problems loading the camera (i.e. i'm an idiot and i overexposed a lot of the film). only got 2-3 good shots from that roll.

part 2 went down a lot more smoothly. i used b&w 120 and only had a little light leakage.

sorry for the loss of quality from the transfer to my computer...will figure out the best way to do that some other time!

anna bronwyn murphy

anna bronwyn murphy
tuscon-based anna bronwyn murphy produces beautiful, strong feminine images.
rockabilly and pinup inspired.
freakin cute hair accessories made with real preserved flowers and great crystals.
look and learn.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

10th grade English reading list

Just finished watching the newest screen adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's Wuthering Heights. Brought to you this year by Masterpiece Theater. I have to say, this has to be the best adaptation to date. I remember watching the 1939 Lawrence Olivier/Merle Oberon version in high school and it doing absolutely nothing for me. Never did see the 1992 Ralph Fiennes/Juliette Binoche version but it's a bit too English Patient for me already.

Tom Hardy's Heathcliff towers above most recent Best Actor nominees and yet this performance has seemingly slipped under the radar. Good acting, beautiful scenery and a raw/edgy feel really bring the tale of an almost impossibly passionate love to a new generation.
Watch it.


Not in Japan:
BUST, Revolver, Darkest Hour "The Eternal Return," Motorola phone, cheap shisha

Mom was going to toss out Grandpa's old aviators with the rest of the old glasses. Stopped.

Payless, $19.99. The only pair in the joint over $15 I think. Worth it.

100 yen, at your neighborhood Daiso (Japanese $1 store).